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Booking Policy

Reservation Confirmation

A booking is considered successfully made when the client receives a confirmation email showing the date, time and the fee paid for their consultation appointment.

If the client paid the consultation fee but did not receive the confirmation email, they should send us a receipt of that payment, a screenshot showing the payment information or any other relevant proof to

Our team will contact the client within 24 hours for further details or will confirm their appointment if the payment is found to be received on our end.

Duration of consultation:
The duration of a consultation is 45 minutes and can be extended up to 60 minutes if necessary. Should the Client need more time, they can book two consecutive or nonconsecutive appointments to their liking within the available time slots.
Means of Communication:
When Zoom is not available in the client’s country or they are unable to use it for any reason, alternatives are Skype or Google Meet. If none of these platforms is available, the client can opt in to a meeting by telephone at their own expenses. Ultimately, if none of those methods works, the client can ask for a written answer / assessment report after providing all necessary information. If the client showed up on time but technical issues has impeded our communication, we will mutually agree on a later date / way of meeting.
Cancellations and Refunds:
Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours before the time of the appointment. For greater certainty, the client cannot cancel an appointment booked on the following day. The payment will be fully refunded if cancellation was made at least 48 hours prior to the time of the appointment. If, for constraining reasons, the client wasn’t able to request a cancellation 48 hours before their appointment or they did not show up at the time of their appointment, they must send us an explanation by email to and it may be rescheduled or they may receive a refund at our sole discretion. A $20 cancellation fee will apply, If we don’t receive any explanation from the client within the following 24 hours, the appointment is deemed completed and the fee earned​
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